Friday, September 7, 2007


I have recently been introduced to the world of Facebook. I now have a blog site AND a facebook profile. Am I moving on up, or what?! Facebook is pretty fascinating. It seems to be a great way to connect with current and long-lost friends. You can search for people by names, within interests or groups, and through your friends' list of friends. Once you are "friends," you can stay updated by viewing their profile, trading messages, and sending random fun things to each other. You can also put all kinds of random information about yourself out there. I don't generally share daily updates of my favorite movies, tv shows, books, places I've traveled, pictures, and what I'm doing each minute of the day with very many people. But that's what this is about. It's almost like a cry for other people to be interested in you. In me. It has reminded me how important it is for us to have contact with each other, even through a website, but especially in more personal ways. But, if you can't find me, I'm on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, this weekend, I tried my hand at my first painting job in our house. Eric was out of town Friday through Sunday, so I was on my own and dangerous. I picked out a paint that matched our new green and cream colored bedding. Seemed like a good idea. My mom helped me put up the primer on Saturday afternoon and I painted coats one and two of the green paint on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I think I did a good job painting, but man, is it bright! We'll see if it grows on us at all. Here is a picture of the room and a picture of the bedding next to the paint. Yikes!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Number 1

Hello blog world. Eric has forced me to create a blog for "us." You know how it is. We don't have any life-changing events to report upon right now, but doggonit, I will strive to come up with something to make your day, change your world, rock your blogging experience. Okay, maybe I can make someone smile. Baby steps. Hope you have a great one!